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Exciting news is in! We just got featured by the India-based travel blogger, Divya a.k.a. The Quirky Wanderer

Goodwind Moto Tours got featured in the Lockdown Series, titled ‘Favourite Travel Enablers’. The curator of Quirky Wanderer, Divya, takes up different homegrown travel brands in India that’re making enriching and endearing travel experiences possible. And we are proud and grateful to have our name on this list. Thanks to Divya (@divsigupta) for the feature! 

We, at Goodwind Moto Tours, curate and organize motorcycle vacation experiences through some amazing parts of India. Each tour is a testament not just to the joy of riding motorcycles, also to the rich experiences and stories that each place holds. Our offerings include motorcycle tours in the delectable and delightful Western Ghats along the Arabian sea (South India), the rustic Rajasthan, the magnanimous Northern Himalayas (Spiti and Uttarakhand), and Eastern Himalayas (Sikkim), and the relaxed and welcoming Konkan

Come, experience India on a motorcycle like you’ve never done before, with Goodwind Moto Tours!

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