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They say two is company. Three is a crowd. But when you are biker in the midst of a crowd of bikers you’ve never met before, the fun has just begun. For too long we’ve heard of the man and his machine. We’ve also heard of the band of brothers. And now with so many girl gangs, a band of sisters too.

Throw the machine and the band together and you get a never before trail of the most exhilirating experiences. Biking is so utterly personal. Almost intimate. Just you and the sound of earth in rapid motion. But just when you revv up, there is another sound that picks up right behind you. And another. Till a note starts to play for every passerby. The note of gravel kissing the pace of the riders.

If that sounds too romantic, rethink ‘one for the road’. Think of it as a new buddy who is going to be your best mate when you head out to find a new path. A new adventure. You still have your freedom but along with you are a bunch of unfamiliar souls who add to the surprise element of the ride. And who will be ever ready to stop over with you for that aromatic chai.

Heck think about your ever expanding network and about the rider tales you’d get to hear, from lands far and near. Your machine and the band of bikers, some familiar, many unfamiliar make for great journeys. Which is why its no surprise that bikers more than any other, love to travel as a herd. Following patterns. Watching each others back. Leaving you to yourself. But always just a few metres away.

What a joy it is, isn’t it, to find your solo in a crowd.

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