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Its true. The biggest imprints are left by all that catches you by surprise. India always invariably does. Just as you think you met a slice of history, adventure pops up to serve a medley of the most vibrant species. Not just that. The gently wafting breeze carries with it the smell of the reddest fiery tongue chillies from just a few kms. away

If you are an Indian and havent already plunged into the mysterious twists and turns of India, your wasting a lot of heart. And what better way to stumble upon its mysteries than to glide through her sometimes smooth, sometimes bumpy road!

The best way to use your off roader is in the yet to be relished parts of regions, farthest from you. No country so vast can show off such a maddening playground for a lover of bikes, as India. Anyone can hit the highway. And breeze through it all. But the magic is discovering that there is more than what the itinerary says. We are discovering too. With every tour, we are sure we’ll have a new story to tell. Leaving an imprint forever

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