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There are many ways to explore this world full of wonders. Buses, cars, trains, are perhaps the most used and preferred means of the lot. However, nothing comes close to touring on motorcycles. To ride down the highways, feeling the wind pass you by softly. To slowly traverse through the high mountain passes as your heart beats wildly. To ride along the sea, rivers, and farmlands, as civilization passes you by.

While the idea of exploring the world on a motorcycle is enticing, there are some factors to consider beforehand. If you are off exploring foreign lands, it’s much better to do it with a moto tours company. The benefits of doing that are aplenty:

• It’s best to go for a guided riding experience/program in uncharted territories.

• The safety factor gets taken care of when you are traveling with a professional team

• They will take care of the planning and arrangements. All you’ve got to do is get on your motorcycle and ride.

If the idea of going with a moto tours company excites you, here comes the more important question – how do you choose a motorcycle tour?

Here are some factors to consider while taking a call.


Where Do You Want to Go?

There are numerous options when it comes to destinations for your next motorcycle exploration. Here are some of the most popular destinations:

1. India

Perhaps the most culturally rich and diverse experiences await you on a motorcycle tour in India. With sceneries changing from one state to another, you’ll get to witness a fine mix of mountains, beaches, plains, and forests. All this and more makes a motorcycle tour in India one of the most coveted and enjoyable experiences. If India’s in your sights, our Guide to Touring on Motorcycle in India will come in handy for you. Of course, for a guided tour, a great option is to get in touch with a reputed motorcycle tour operator in India.

1. USA

The United States of America is home to a great motorcycling culture and a host of iconic motoring routes like Route 66 and the Pacific Coast Highway. As you cruise along the iconic highways, you’ll meet herds of Harley Davidson riders. With Beautiful sights and excellent roads, the USA promises a great ride and delivers it too.

1. Balkans

Along the Adriatic Sea lies the paradise for some laid-back asphalt riding. The Balkan countries, namely Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, offer a less touristy and uncongested experience. With good roads that open up to amazing coastal Adriatic views, you’ll love this route no matter how much you’ve ridden in your lifetime.

1. Alps

The Alps (Alpine route) is a treat for motorcyclists who love riding through vast open sceneries, nestled in the mountains. While doing the Alps, you get to ride through the beautiful landscapes of Italy, Austria, France, Germany, and Slovenia, to name a few. Apart from the generally cold and pleasant weather, this route is a host to winding routes and technical hairpin bends.

1. Southeast Asia

The East isn’t far behind when it comes to offering a great motoring experience. From smooth highways to country roads of Thailand or Vietnam, you’ll find exotic experiences waiting for you at every turn. Ride in the beautiful countryside and witness the humble way of life.

What Kind of a Ride Are You Looking For?

Different kinds of motorcycles offer an entirely different kind of tour experience.

Do you prefer the laid back feeling of riding a cruiser like the Triumph America or Harley Davidson Road Glide?

With hundreds of miles to munch daily, every day will be about new places and stories.

Or does the classic simplicity of a Royal Enfield Bullet or Triumph Bonneville entice you more?

Embark on a ride that shall take you through the highways and city roads.

Or are you an explorer who loves the offroad as much as the highways, with a soft spot for the ADVs likes of the Honda Africa Twin and BMW GSA 1200?

Then a ride that takes you through roads less traveled is what you need.

The kind of adventure you seek and your choice of touring motorcycle will be a major driver in what kind of tour you go for. Remember to seek clarity on the model of motorcycles being provided for the tours of your choice. A motorcycle that’s built for the kind of ride being offered will make your trip very smooth and remarkable.

What Kind of Experiences and Activities Are You Looking For?

Every motorcycle tour is essentially a mix of experiences offered, both on and off the motorcycle. To make the most of your motorcycle vacation, sign up for a tour that brings rich local experiences to the table:

Experiencing The Destinations

Unarguably, the best way to understand a place and its people is to interact with them. To get close, visit the local markets, fields/forests/places of worship, and listen to their stories. It’s important to remember that the modern malls and shopping plazas are just that, modern.

experience India tea garden

To know the real essence of the place, it’s important to visit and cherish the decades and centuries of history preserved at your destination. This is what a rich cultural experience is made of.

Feasting Like The Locals

A friend fondly recollects an experience from Mysore while he was on a motorcycle tour in India. After riding through the Northern states, he found himself sitting in an old restaurant near the Mysore Palace. Having ridden in the North for a week, it would be fair to say that he had acquired a taste for the Northern style of food. And yet, he chose to go with the chef’s recommendation of a typical South Indian meal, prepared in the local style. And there’s no telling how much he loved it.

South India food motorcycle tours

Your moto tours company should offer you the same kind of experience. Where every meal is in itself a culinary journey through the place you’re at. Nothing beats experiencing the meals prepared in authentic local recipes and styles like they’ve been done for ages.

And of course, to keep things smooth, a tour that offers variety in the kind of meals provided never hurts.

Stays Matter

As said earlier, motorcycle touring is a fun pursuit, albeit one that takes a toll on our energy. After a day of enjoyable riding, what you need is satiating food and a comfortable stay. The latter’s rather important because it sets you up for the next day of riding. No matter which guide to touring you refer, good rest translates into great riding the next day.

Therefore, your choice of tour and moto tours provider should be dependant on the kind of stays provided.

Are you inclined towards the creature comforts of resort stays?

Or do budget motels work for you all the same?

Also, are you someone who gets excited by the idea of camping in tents?

While riding in foreign lands, it’s advisable to choose stays that are safe, comfortable, and offer great hospitality. Somewhere you can rest and rejuvenate well and without worries. Where waking up the next morning is a happy experience, marked with great rest and you raring to go for another day of riding.

premium stays motorcycle tours in India

Needless to say, there are also stays that offer not just great views, but added perks and activities such as spas, meditation, sports, et cetera. While they charge a premium, but then, a wholesome experience is what you signed up for, right?

Remember to seek as much information from your tour provider about the stays as possible. Also, check online for what others have to say about the properties.

The Overall Experience

A common misconception is that motorcycle tours are all about riding motorcycles. Far from the truth, because they are also about experiencing the place you’re visiting.

Instead of clocking kilometres and eating dirt, the focus should be on delivering local experiences. On meeting the locals and exchanging stories. On walking through the streets and consuming what the place has to offer. In sitting by the lake or on the cliff and breathing in the air. These are subtle pieces that make a great overall motorcycle touring experience.

Remember to choose a tour that offers the experiences you desire to be a part of. That’s going to be your best investment through the course of your trip.

Things to Do While Finalizing Your Tour

The Motorcycle Tour Operator’s Expertise

Your moto tours provider should ideally have significant experience and network in the destinations/region you’re looking to visit. Their expertise will ensure that you have a safe and comfortable tour. Also, the best bike tour operators with significant knowledge of a region would also know the best spots; places that even Google might not know about.

Do a Background Check Online

The power of the Internet will help you sift through your options with greater ease. Today, almost every motorcycle tour operator that’s serving local and global audience is expected to have an online presence. In this case, the provider’s website and their presence on other review platforms will help. The look and feel of their website should tell you a lot about them as to their services, their methodologies, and their USPs.

Online reviews and testimonials will further help you narrow down your options to the best bike tour operator. Today, most travellers and consumers talk about their experiences online, regardless of whether they were positive or not. Reviews will also help you gauge the good and bad about your motorcycle tour operator. Coming from fellow consumers, they should help you make a more informed decision.

The social media platforms are where you’ll find more hints as to what to expect from your provider. As far as motorcycle touring is concerned, check out the photos and videos put up by your provider related to the experiences they provide. You’ll find photos/videos from other/past clients as well, describing their experience on that tour.

Ready to Ride? Plan Early!

A motorcycle tour to the destination of your choice will be a once in a lifetime experience. With the above pointers considered, we’re certain you’ll be able to make a well-informed decision about the tour you want to do. Look into all the available options and then take a call regarding the best bike tour operator that suits your needs.

To have the best experience possible, the paramount thing to do would be starting your research and planning early. The closer you are to the tour dates, the more expensive it will be to book everything. Once the planning and selection are done, it’s just a short countdown to go exploring and touring on motorcycles. If you want to read about motorcycle touring tips, you can go through our Guide to touring motorcycles; while this one’s focused on India, many of the points would apply to anywhere you go in this world.


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